The Pony Express Adventure

By Hershey—

Well not exactly. We can’t go back in time, but we can go to Pasyon.  I, Hershey, along with Marshmallow, & Mama, were on our way out to Payson on a field trip. We were going to see the Hashknife pony express (who rides through AZ delivering mail) by ourselves.  We had previously mailed some letters  delivered by Hashknife, (for some of the way) to our friends.  We were going to go see them ride on the 8th and 9th of February, and then come back home on the 10th in time for on of my activities.

Anyway when we reached Payson, (finally) we drove to Walmart for a basketball.  Then we drove to the RV lot that dad wanted us to stay at. I was more than thrilled that we were staying at a lot in the middle of Payson, mom however wasn’t.  Marshmallow and I are (still) learning to like the big wide world outside, but we are starting to get the hang of it.  We decided we would go play in the basketball court.  So we started putting some air in the basketball, or not.  Our needle for our pump got stuck in the ball.  So after we got a basketball from the camp ground lobby we went down to play.  My basketball coach was Marshmallow, who coached me on how to shoot, (though he wouldn’t).  I eventually tricked him into shooting one.  I shot, some baskets, and sandkets, (balls i shot that landed in the sand) and some streamkets (same thing as above just with a stream).  Then we saw a potbelly pig on a leash then we went inside the RV after we returned the basketball.  That night we got some sleep (after our new noisy neighbors quieted down).

The next day the 9th (I think) we headed off to Heber as we drove up we saw some snow! Marshmallow and I were excited to see something we usually don’t see as it doesn’t snow in the valley.  When we reached Heber we stopped at a gas station.  We played snowball fight after we asked the shop owner 2 times if the pony express rode through this spot.  We headed up the hill near by.  Then we saw our first rider!


Our 1st rider!

If you have never seen a pony express rider this is very exciting.  We watched him go down the road, and then followed him.  Somewhere along the way we stopped to see the riders while they stopped by the side of the road.

We got two autographs before they left, and then we explored the antique store right next door.  Marshmallow got a hand mixer, and a train alarm clock, and I got a horse ceiling fan pull (that’s not antique).  But that doesn’t matter.

Anyway, we drove down to Payson again and we took some pictures of some more riders.  I got mostly pictures of Marshmallows head, Mom’s hand, and blurs.  So we could get a picture of the mail getting passed we stopped off by an intersection with a Hashknife symbol in the snow. 

Marshmallow got his foot stuck in the snow a lot, Mom slipped, and I just got my feet to unfortunately sink in the snow.  Since the riders unfortunately went the way we didn’t we headed back to Payson.  After dinner at Pizza Hut we went to the post office.  We played bull fight, colored paper hats, and I got my face painted.

Then we saw what we had been waiting for, the riders and their horses came parading in.  Then Marshmallow and I ran to go see the riders up close. It turned out Mom realized that the idea of sending us out to see them before her, wasn’t the best idea ever,  but she found us anyway.

Anyway then we lined up to get autographs.  Just to let you know never leave a girl with face paint alone with cowboys.  One particular cowboy left a note, I just thought his name was that long but it said.  Hey (Hershey), you’re looking pretty.  It was strange, but I got one funny note for show without the tell.

We headed back to the RV lot then played some more on the playground. Then we went back to the camper.  Then we went to sleep, the next morning we saw how the alarm clock works during breakfast.  After we played on the playground one last time, and loaded up, then we went home.  On the way we saw the mail get passed, and I got quite a few decent pictures.


The end