This is Dad’s page.

Camper & Truck Mods

Yes, we have had the camper hardly a week and I already have a list of mods that I want to make to the camper:

  • 12V external fan for the refrigerator heat exchanger
  • A better platform for the base of the dinette bed
  • A place to store utensils behind the stove
  • USB charging ports (that work off of 12 VDCs)
  • A place for me to stow his glasses, flash light, and phone by the side of the bed
  • A bunk bed that fits over the dinette (for Marhmallow when he gets a little bigger)
  • Digital gauges for the RV control system (I am a data driven person and idiot lights don’t cut it for me)
  • Wind powered generator
  • Front trailer hitch (for bike rack)
  • Catalytic LP heater
  • LED strip lighting along the exterior undersides of the camper
  • LED strip lighting in the stowage compartment


Equipment Wish List

  • Pizza stone (heard this makes an RV oven cook much more evenly)
  • Volcano 3 grill (I love well engineered, multipurpose equipment)
  • Bike rack