Writer’s Block, Falling Behind…

I am behind.  I have two adventures to finish processing photos from and write about.  With the pile of work both at home at the office I don’t feel like I am ever going to get caught up.  In the mean time…  Here is a brief summary of our most recent trip written by our young journalist, Hershey:


It was Thursday night, Marshmallow, dad, mom, and I, Hershey, were finally at the Albuquerque Balloon Festival with our friends from Texas. We had arrived in N.M. the day before and we were now there!  We were walking from the RV lot to the balloon park, to see the night glow.   Marshmallow, Lizzy, Noah, Joshua, & I went walking the park asking for [collector] cards. Then we headed to the spot for the glow, I enjoyed but I got dizzy so we had to leave. The next morning we saw the mass ascension it was beautiful. Watching them was amazing we saw some adorable ones my favorite was Bimbo bear. I refused to go to glow[that night] but mom convinced me to. That night before the glow, we went shopping & I saw a cool purse I wanted.  But I was getting a weird [dizzy] feeling. So mom and I left. Marshmallow said it was short as the balloons came down because of the wind. Next morning, Marshmallow and I waited to see unki-Bobby-pin, Aunt Mary, and Cousin Zach along with grandma who we had seen a few days ago. After they had arrived. Aunt Mary got me the hot air balloon purse as a late Birthday present. Mass ascension was another beauty. But the flag saying if the balloons can go up was on yellow, and then an hour later, green then our friends left back for the RV Park they had been with us all these days.  Cause the flag halfway through turned red. But during the mass exodus I got to help tear down “puddles” the penguin balloon. Then we left, enjoyed a nice lunch with our family. Then we flied kites and then the balloon flag that night was red. Next morning saw a whole lot of balloons by our camping spot. We and the our friends got to teared down 3 balloons and hold down 1. Then Marshmallow and I left for home.  -Hershey


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