Inaugural Night In The Camper

We have had our camper for almost a week and we have been dying to try it out.   Kind of like when little kids have money in their pocket and they itching to spend it on something.   We were going to camp in the driveway last night, I started cooling down the camper and getting it setup Friday night after work.  On Saturday we gave it a good bath in the morning and then went out and bought sheets.

While we were out I had the thought, “Why camp in the driveway?”, we may not be able to make it out of the heat, but we can at least make it out of the driveway.  I thought of a few places that were near by and we settled on Lost Dutchman State Park (they were the only one open).  Mama was excited but a little frustrated with me because you know, I had this thought at 3:30 in the afternoon.  We had to wash the new sheets, pack the camper, and find somebody to take care of the dog, all in about the span of 2 hours.  But we got’er done!

Lost Dutchman is within 45 minutes of our house.  It is on the east side of the valley at the base of the Superstition Springs Mountains.  The place was pretty empty, nobody except us and what appeared to be 4 other people are crazy enough to go camping in the summer, in the valley, in the heat.  It was no boondocking trip that is for sure, but it was a good trip for us to get this rig out on the road and figure things out.  As I told the children, “if we have problems during the night.  Can’t get the fridge to work, the potty to work, we explode the air conditioner or anything else we would just pack up and come home”.  This was our first time camping with an RV and I was expecting some bumps along the way.

We ate dinner at home as we waited for the bedding to dry in the drier.   We all hustled to get the camper loaded and ready for the road and then we were off.   We pulled into the campsite at about 6:30.  The sun was getting low and there was a light breeze.  It made the 100 or so degrees pleasant enough to be in.  Mama and the children figured out how to pay for our campsite and setup the chairs while I worked on getting the camper setup.  Things actually went pretty smoothly and the children started learning how the camper works and finding jobs for themselves.


We sat down for a few minutes to enjoy the awesome view.  Then decided that we needed to go and explorer a couple of the trails before it go to dark.



We headed up Siphon Draw Trail up to the boundary between the state park and the national forest.   Marshmallow was starting to feel the heat and was tired from his sports practice the night before so we decided to turn around and head back to the camper.  We got to see a coyote, some bunnies, and some quail.  As we were sitting on a the bench at our campsite for a few minutes watching the last of the sun disappear we heard a pack of coyotes off in the distance, probably the same ones that Mama and Hershey saw the next morning.  The coyotes rattled Marshmallow pretty good so we decided to head in and cool off.  We played Uno and had snacks.

Mama tried to get the little ones to go out and look at the stars, but they would not have anything to do with it.   The back bumper was as far as they would get, those coyotes were out there somewhere you know…

So we put on a short movie and got everybody settled in for bed.  It was a good night and everybody slept well.  I opened the skylight over our Mama and my’s bed and once the light were out we were able to see stars and the lights of the city to the west.

Hershey and Mama were up first of course, they almost always are.  They went out for a little walk, I heard them leave and got up a few minutes after.  I got dressed and tidied up while Marshmallow slept on (he is not a morning person).


Mama decided to watch the sunrise so she woke me up and asked if i wanted to go, I did so we went out to the Siphon Draw Trail this time we took a different route. after we walked up the big hill we saw the colors of the sunrise but not the actual sun as it was behind the clouds we also saw Goldfield mine from our perch. after staying there for about 30 seconds we started back. when we got back to the bench we sat down and read my devotional  then we  saw a pack of seven coyotes or so 104 feet away and also saw two quails out on their morning walk. then we headed inside so we could get ready to go on another walk with Marshmallow and Dada or watch the rest of our movie.
— (Mama and Hershey’s walk as told by Hershey)

We opened up the camper to take advantage of the cool morning air once Mama and Hershey returned from their adventure.  Marshmallow discovered the skylight and stuck his head up through the top and had a look around.  I think that might be his preferred method of exploring the great outdoors (from inside).

Hershey, got a chance to check it out as well.  After breakfast it was time for our first adventure to come to an end.  Our dog was at home alone and Hershey really wanted to go to church today.  So Mama and the children learned how to pack the camper up while I supervised.  Then Mama drove us home, she was a little intimidated at first, but by the time we made home she was confident that with a little more practice she could handle this rig on her own.  We had a really good time on our first (mini) camping adventure.  Think we got to try just about everything out except for the water heater and figuring out how to drain the black and gray water tanks.  We will tackle those in the next couple of trips.



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