Welcome to S’more Crumb Trails.

If you have ever called our house while we are out, you have surely heard the announcement on our voicemail.  “Thank you for calling the Graham Crackers, we are outside the box with Hershey and Marshmallow, please lease a message”.  Well that is us, the Graham Crackers.   A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away…  We got married and had our first little one, Hershey, she was extra little when she was born.   We had great intentions of chronicling all the special moments in life on a blog  so that we could share them with our loved ones, who are spread all across the country.  But soon life happened and those intentions got left behind by the business of life.   A few years after Hershey, Marshmallow came along and he never even got the brief moment of fame that is sister did.   Just an occasional picture emailed out to family.

Mama and I have been meaning to fix that for a while now and recently got some new inspiration to do so.   We made a family acquisition, a new truck and camper.  Something we are hoping to take on the road and make lots of good memories with.

IMG_5163 web

So there you have it, the reason for this blog and our first post.   We look forward to sharing our adventures with you.


One thought on “Welcome

  1. Graham Cracker Family! I am delighted to see that your procurement program and procedures are so much more efficient than that silly company Jason works for. Congratulations on your inaugural adventure! Please don’t look at our website as we immediately got lazy and haven’t populated it with anything current (in over a year). We promise to try and do better. Cheers, Mark


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